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leap and the net will appear


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leap and the net will appear

Jesse Goldstein

Anyone that knows me knows I have a bit of an affinity for tattoos. I've always felt that the mark much more than skin. The mark a feeling. An emotion....a time, an occasion. Something that is so meaningful that regardless of how you feel of the image, the meaning behind it will always be important. 


My friend Lenore has one of my favorite tattoos. It's a simple line of handwritten lettering saying "Leap and the net will appear." It struck me the very first time I saw it, as it really sums up so much of what I believe and how I feel about how one operates in this world...yet, I've never been one to always trust it. Until now.


After over a decade of working to create branding and marketing efforts for Nashville restaurants, I'm taking the leap. Going out on my own. Doing what those that are close to me have been urging me to do for years. 


Here we go.