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Jesse Goldstein

When I started out down this road of self-employment a little over a year ago, I knew it would be an adventure - and that it would require lots of hard work. What I never expected was just how much I would actually enjoy every second of all that work. 

Throughout the year of 2014, there were so many exciting projects, but one of the most thrilling was one of my own, 3st of the Month. I've talked about it before, but it's basically a new monthly drinking holiday that happens on the 3rd day of the month with a VIP invitation-only crowd. I was certain I had a pretty fun idea to start with, but I never would have dreamed of the traction 3st of the Month has gained in just a few months.

We've had shout-outs on blogs, and ton's of social media coverage, but the February issue of Nashville Lifestyles Magazine was the first 'real-deal' print coverage for 3st of the Month. The magazine included a bit about my story and some special cocktail recipes I created just for them. They've recently posted the article online.

Jesse Goldstein grew up in the mountains of North Carolina, blissfully unaware of the things he lived without. “I was the happiest kid, living off the land in the middle of the woods,” he says. His favorite memories took place around the table with family, which is where he earned the moniker Food Sheriff. “With two older brothers, mealtime could get a little competitive,” he says. “I was pretty protective of my equal share, and it didn’t take long before my brothers gave me the nickname.” Today, Goldstein works under that name as a successful brand consultant for what he calls “digital, consumable marketing.”

Lately, though, he’s boasting another title: cohost of the innovative cocktail series 3st of the Month. Held on the third day of every month, each themed event, which Goldstein puts on with Jacob Jones of Mountain Creative Agency, features a different kind of booze at a different venue across town.
— Kendall Mitchell Gemil, Nashville Lifestyles Magazine