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From recipes to ruminations, logos to libations, the Food Sheriff blog has it all!

Entrepreneur Spotlight

Jesse Goldstein

12th & Broad recently did a little feature on Jesse Goldstein of Food Sheriff as part of their Entrepreneur Spotlight series. 

Food Sheriff is all about helping food businesses interact with consumers and helping consumers really get to know the company’s product. “You’re creating content that you post to social media or hint about on Facebook or link to in an email, you bring consumers to your website, they engage more, and they get to know your brand, your personality, individuals that might be involved and then hopefully they’re sharing it by posting it to a friend’s page saying ‘Let’s make this this weekend!’ So the term consumable branding really comes from that. You’re creating a story that is, in most cases, a digital one that gets your audience engaged where they come, discover share, and same thing for most media.”
— 12th & Broad

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