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Before a business can use great content to leverage web and social engagement, they often need a new website. People often make the mistake of thinking of websites like a building. Build it, use it and let it grow with you. Unfortunately, they should really think of them like their phones. Get one, use it and eventually replace it. The speed of technology means that many websites that are only a few years old are no longer valid. They must be responsive to mobile devices. They have to give the owner the ability to easily update and add new content. They need to encourage social sharing. If your site is not doing this, perhaps it is time for you to get a new site.

Bacon Bros. Public House

Bacon Bros. Public House is a restaurant in Greenville, SC. They had a single-page website with a logo, contact information and a PDF copy of their menu. While that's indeed the most common info someone would go to a restaurant for, it lacked any sort of story and opportunity for fan engagement. Not to mention, a PDF file is not going to be cataloged by search engines. Their new site communicates their experience through appetizing photos, expanded copy and the ability to easily add blog posts, recipes and events.

Woods Amphitheater at Fontanel

After working with the folks at the Woods Amphitheater to create new a new logo and brand identity, they came back to ask about a new website. Their old one, while visually appealing, was not mobile responsive, difficult to update lacked adequate social integration. Their new site gives them the opportunity to drive marketing messages on the home page, includes a new event calendar with social integration and responds to mobile traffic.

Nelson's Green Brier Distillery

The makers of the popular Belle Meade Bourbon, Nelson's Green Brier Distillery had an outdated website. While they were able to make some edits, it required more steps and headaches than it should and was not responsive to mobile traffic. They needed a way to communicate the great publicity and share recipes to drive more engagement with their fans. Their new site was created to automatically curate news posts and provide a visually-appealing source of recipes as well as e-commerce.

Betty Badd Couture

Nashville artist Betty Malo was in a bind. She was starring in a new reality television show and had an outdated cumbersome site for her jewelry business without a functional blog or ecommerce. In less than a week, Food Sheriff was able to photograph products, design and launch a new site that would assist in capturing new customers.

Nashville Kitchen & Cannery

As many start-up businesses can attest, you're often spending more time focusing on what must be done than what should be done. This was the case for Nashville Kitchen & Cannery who needed a simple website, but did not have the time or resources to put into it themselves. In just one day, Food Sheriff designed and launched their new website and social media integration - leading to a number of new clients within a matter of days.